How To Enjoy:

For what sports and activities are Longhaul products suitable?

Our food is suitable for a large number of outdoor activities, including running, cycling, triathlons, hiking, climbing, trekking, kayaking and canoeing, and many more. Every pouch contains all the nutritional content you need to quickly refuel when on the go.

When and how often should I eat PERform food?

Longhaul PERform fuels are designed to be used before, during and after endurance training and events. When consumed during training or an event, we recommend one to two pouches per hour. Each pouch contains around 200 kcal, which is the recommended hourly calorie intake for endurance sports.


Fuelling is very individual and every endurance athlete needs to develop his or her own unique fuelling strategy. Our fuels are designed to be consumed at your own pace, whether all in one go, or more slowly over an hour.

Can your products be resealed and stored?

No. Once opened consume on day of opening.

Where can I buy Longhaul products?

Longhaul is available through our website and through selected online shops and marketplaces. We will add a store locator in the near future.


Is your food gluten free?

All our food is produced without ingredients that contain gluten. Additionality we undertake several tests during production to certify that it is not contaminated by products containing gluten.

Are your recipes suitable for vegans?

We make a range of products, some of which do not contain any ingredients from animal products. However, our food is made in a factory that does handle meat and dairy. We leave it up to you to decide if that meets your definition of vegan.

Are your products organically certified?

All our ingredients are organic and produced by a factory with organic certification. The only exception is the sea salt we use. Longhaul is in the process of being certified organic.

Are your products free from any allergens such as dairy and nuts?

Our food is produced in a factory that does not handle nuts. We currently do not use dairy in our products.

Where are your products made?

Our products are made in the UK.


What types of payment does Longhaul accept?

We accept a range of payment types. Our website accepts Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. Due to the fees charged by credit card providers we charge a 2% transaction fee for any payment made by credit card.

Returns and refunds:

Due to our product being of a perishable nature, we cannot accept returns.


We find it very annoying when companies that we have never had any interaction with contact us. We therefore do not share nor sell personal information to any other companies.

Concerns or complaints

We want every one of our customers to enjoy the experience of using Longhaul as much as we do! Therefore if you have any concerns, complaints or suggestions we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on or call us on +44 (0)203 488 2858

How do I use my promo code?

If you have a promotional code then you can use this on the check out page of the Longhaul website. Your discount will automatically be subtracted from the basket.

Can we blog about your product?

We love working with people who want to spread the word about our food. Please get in touch through our contacts page and we will get back to you.