It is the time of year again when the search for the perfect present for that difficult someone begins. We scour the internet & trudge the high street, and yet so often still end up with the generic sports socks, beauty products or jumper that ends up in a cupboard, never to see the light of day again. So we thought we would add a little inspiration and suggest some of our favourite endurance related equipment, gadgets, books and events so that you can spend less time shopping and more time outdoors enjoying yourself!

We have no affiliations with any of the products we recommend below and make no money if you decide to make a purchase (aside from the Longhauls obviously!)  These are just things that we have found useful to our training or have enjoyed ourselves over the past year. 

The Gadget Geek: FINIS Tempo Trainer Pro

FINIS Tempo Pro Trainer

If you want to improve as a runner, monitoring and fine-tuning your running cadence can be a powerful tool. Running cadence is one of the two factors, along with stride length that determines your speed & yet is often ignored by runners. Most GPS watches will tell you your cadence post run but wont help you to adjust the number of steps you take per minute to improve your running. Whereas, the FINIS tempo trainer (designed for the swimmer to use in a pool but also fantastic for runners) allows you to set the beat so that you can match your pace to the perfect cadence.  Cost: £30.99


The Endurance Enthusiast: Tickets to The National Running/Cycling/Triathlon Show 

National Running Show_Birmingham January 2020

Want to give someone a fun day out where they can listen to inspirational speakers as well as discover the latest kit, tech, nutrition and advice? These exhibitions are excellent for anyone who lives and breathes endurance sports. No matter your experience there is always something new to uncover. Cost: £10 - £45


The Niggler: The Back Nobber

Back Nobber II

The hilariously named Back Nobber II is perfect for getting into those hard to reach, awkward areas that other trigger point massage tools, such as foam rollers, struggle to reach. Not only great for releasing tight upper trapezius muscles but can also be used into the hip flexor and lower back to relieve any post training tightness. Cost: £28.50 - £29.99


The Movie Fan: The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour

BMF Festival_2020

Banff MFF showcases some of the worlds most inspirational, thrilling and, at times, scary adventure films. Watch epic, life affirming and adrenaline fuelled films in the glory of the big screen. With numerous screenings around the UK in 2020 I’m sure there will be one close to you. Cost: £16.00 - 20.00


The Outdoor Adventurer: Wild Running: Britain’s Great 200 Trail Runs by Jen & Simon Benson

Wild Running_Jen and Simon Benson

This brand new edition of Wild Running has 150 new runs aimed at the complete novice to the experienced trail runner. It is a perfect guide for those looking to change the tarmac for some trails. With routes throughout the UK, it means that no matter where you are there will be a trail to be explored.  Cost: £16.99


The Triathlete: FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

FINIS Duo Underwater MP3 Player

Gone are the days where time training in the pool seemed to occur in a vacuum. Where seconds could easily turn into minutes while minutes seemed to merge together and never tick over. With the Finis Duo Underwater MP3 Player you can choose exactly the playlist to liven up any indoor pool session. Cost: £94.99

And of course do not forget your Longhaul ultra-fuels the perfect stocking filler for any endurance and outdoor enthusiast! J





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