Q&A with Kim Collison, elite ultra-runner

We are very excited that elite trail and ultra-runner Kim Collison has joined the Longhaul Ambassador team. As well as representing GB numerous times at both the World Trail and the Adventure Racing World Championships, Kim also has an impressive list of race results and is the current Winter Bob Graham Round record holder. We are delighted that he has shared some of his experiences and advice to help those new to the sport!

Q: How did you get into ultra-running? 

My first ultra was the Bob Graham Round in the spring of 2009. I was following in the footsteps of my dad and his friends. Sitting at Moot Hall after finishing this amazing challenge just opened the door for many more challenges.

Q: If you only had time to complete one training session in a week, what would it be and why?

A long mountain run so I get as much time as possible running in the mountains.

Q: What would be your top 3 tunes on your running playlist?

I've tried to plug myself in on runs but I always prefer listening to my surroundings. Listening to my environment helps me to be in the moment, whereas I have found music pulls me mentally away to a different place, which I personally find has a negative impact on my performance.

Q: What is the key for you to have a successful race?

Remembering it is only a race, being able to adapt to problems and trying my hardest to pace myself.

Q: You have quite a back catalogue of race results. Is there a race which has been extra special for you and why?

Running for Great Britain at the 2015 Trail World Championships in Annecy. It was the climax of years of hard work and an honour to represent my country, topped off with helping the team to a bronze medal.

Q: How do you keep mentally positive through an ultra?

Eat, break down the journey, have a purpose, smile and eat some more! :)

Q: What is your favourite post training session meal?

You cannot beat a homemade vegetable Curry!

Q: I am sure you have learnt many lessons in your running career. What is the one piece of advice would you give someone about to embark on their first trail/ultra?

Smile, enjoy the journey and when it gets tough remember why you started and how awesome the finish line will feel.

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To find out more about Kim’s & his coaching services check out his website: https://kimcollison.co.uk


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