| Sarah Sawyer |

I’m Sarah from Brighton and you’ll mainly find me running long distances in the mountains, across deserts, on trails and around the track. Some of my best race results to date are RTP Patagonia (1st), RTP Ecuador (1st), Crawley 24 hours (1st), NDW50 (1st), Atacama Crossing (2nd), TP100 (2nd), Global Limits Bhutan (3rd) and WW50 (3rd).

I love running because of the places it has taken me, both geographically and metaphorically. When I laced up my trainers for the first time, I didn’t ever imagine what a positive impact it would have on my life. I absolutely love training and never find it a chore – I’m the kind of person who bounces out of bed at 5am and goes out for a run! I have an ever-growing bucket list of races but ultimately the main thing that drives me is the enjoyment I get from running. I’m a big believer in mixing my running up, which is why I run everything from 5ks on road to ultras in the mountains, and if I commit to do something, then I’ll give it 100%. If I’m not particularly good at something (you only have to see me descending like a fairy during mountain races!) then I’ll keep persevering and persevering – I think stubborn is the word!

In the past I’ve often found that a few hours into ultras I would struggle to chew and digest ‘proper’ food. I’m also not a fan of gels and lots of sugar when I’m running. I don’t like to consume a lot of artificial processed food in real life, so why would I do this to my body when I’m asking it to run long distances? This is where Longhaul Endurance came in - real food that’s been blended into an easy to consume pouch, giving me all the goodness and energy I need.

I’m delighted to join the Longhaul team as an ambassador as they share the same values in nutrition, training and adventure as I do, and I’m a huge advocator of supporting independent businesses who have runners’ best interests at the core of their values.