| George Foster |

I'm George, a 32 year old fell/mountain runner from the Lake District in the UK and run for my local club, Keswick AC. I've been running competitively on the fells for the past 6 years or so now, having originally been more into the cross-country discipline, where I ran to a reasonably decent level whilst at school.

Fell running to me comes down to two things. Freedom and challenge. The freedom to go where you want and the challenge of getting there. It's not about adherence to certain times or even distances. It's simply a matter of running....but in some of the most beautiful terrain that the UK has to offer. I am drawn more and more to the longer distances due principally to the basic fact that the longer you're out, the more time you have to enjoy what's around you.

Recently sky-running in Europe has also captured my interest. The mountains are that much bigger and wilder out there on the continent and sky-running represents, to me, the best opportunity to test yourself against them in the relatively safe confines of a race situation.

I have been using Longhaul endurance products for around 6 months now in my training and racing. It works. It works REALLY well. As such it's a huge privilege to be able to tell anyone who will listen just how good it is. Longhaul provides the antidote to gels. It's real food in a neat package that gives fast acting, tasty nutrition in an easily digestible form. The only problem is that it's so more-ish!