| Brennan Townshend |

My life as an endurance athlete began back in 2008 when I started running competitively at college. I quickly fell in love with the training and racing, continually pushing my body to see how far and fast I could go. A running injury made me turn to competitive road cycling, winning the Junior Tour of Wales and later riding for pro-teams Raleigh and Madison Genesis. Following a few years of racing around the world I tried my hand at triathlon, but eventually returned to my roots of fell and trail running. I really enjoy racing in the mountains because of the challenges of the terrain, and for the magical places it takes me. 

Through tweaking my training, preparation and nutrition I’ve continually improved my performances, helping me rise up the ranks in the ultra running world. Nutrition is a really big part of running a long way, or for a long time. Longhaul have nailed the tasty, savoury and easy to carry side of things so I don't have to worry.